About Us

Piney Ridge Center was established in order to better serve the needs of children and adolescents with sexual behavior problems. Our highly structured behavioral management program assists residents in gauging their treatment and progress.

Piney Ridge Center is an 102-bed psychiatric residential facility that has been specifically designed for girls and boys between the ages of 7 and 17 who are suffering from sexual behavior disorders. We’ve been serving as a beacon of light and a pillar to the families we focus upon, providing exceptional, empirically-validated treatment and support for children, teens, and their families using a multidisciplinary team of medical and mental healthcare professionals. Piney Ridge is a unique treatment center in that we treat only children and teens with problematic sexual behaviors made complex by the addition of mental illness. Treatment is designed to address both the sexual problems and mental health disorder as the primary disorder by using level-based programs that require our residents to take responsibility for the behavioral problems caused by mental illness in addition to the problematic sexual behaviors. Piney Ridge Treatment Center offers our children a highly-structured environment in which our residents learn and use healthy coping skills, behavioral management techniques, and relapse prevention tools designed to assist them as they slowly reintegrate back into the community following discharge from our center.

Piney Ridge Center also runs Ridgeview Group Home, which is an off-campus, 18-bed group home for adolescent males ages 12 through 17 for residents who have successfully completed a sex offender program, such as that offered at Piney Ridge Center. Ridgeview Group Home is designed for adolescents in the custody of DYS or DCFS and are in need of a step-down placement from a residential treatment center or do not have severe enough problems to warrant a residential treatment center. Treatment in this comprehensive program is led by a multidisciplinary treatment team, services provided include family, group, and individual therapy, and our residents are enrolled – and expected to attend – in the public school system. The goal for Ridgeview is to teach these men the skills they need to become productive, happy, and well-rounded members of society. Ridgeview, through a variety of therapeutic approaches, aims to provide a slow reintegration back into the community, allowing our residents to begin to build the future they want.